Albaik International nuggets are made from what portion of the chicken?

Albaik International Chicken Fillet Nuggets are entire chicken breast fillets that have not been minced. This demonstrates our dedication to being open and honest about the food we serve.

Why are the sizes of the pieces perfectly asymmetrical?

At the farm, chicken is produced in a variety of weights. To ensure that each chicken piece is cooked to perfection and with high consistency, ABI's strict quality control requires producers to provide us with one specific weight.

We see ABI trucks bringing food to restaurants; where do they come from, and why isn't the chicken cooked there?

AQUATFOODS Business production aggregator, a sister company of Albaik International, pre-prepares ABI products. The partner plants produce all ABI menu products before sending them to the various ABI stores for final touches. The fact that everything is packed and packaged in the warehouse before being shipped to the individual stores means that quality and standards are consistent, enabling the stores to focus on what they do best.

Is Albaik International willing to sell franchises?

We have not yet started officially granting licences randomly, but we have begun restricted franchising in a few select regions and markets, and we are currently evaluating the opportunities and receiving applications from potential licensees.

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions.

If Albaik International chicken is procured from suppliers, how can you ensure that it is Halal slaughtered?

Albaik International has very strict regulations for Halal Regulations, and does not allow the entry of food products that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic slaughtering procedures (Sharia Compliant Halal Certified). The chicken we serve comes from leading chilled and frozen food suppliers who have dedicated slaughterhouses to Halal meat processing only.

The Halal slaughtering and processing operations are also supervised by members of the Islamic Law Forums, which also issues certificates attesting to the product's complete compliance with existing Islamic Law's precepts.

Is the chicken inspected for health reasons?

Yes, the chicken comes from high-quality suppliers who adhere to the strictest health and hygiene regulations. The chicken is healthy to eat and is subjected to quality inspections on a regular basis. AQUAT foods, our sister company, also conducts various laboratory tests on the chicken at every stage of development to ensure its quality and safety.

Albaik International uses what kind of frying oil, and how often does it change it?

We've been using vegetable oil that is 100 percent organic. The oil is a special blend of vegetable oils made just for Albaik International to enhance the uniqueness of the flavour you enjoy. We use a scientific process to monitor the quality of our oil during use in order to comply with international health standards and legislation, as well as local municipality and health standards.

Why don't you prepare meals for children?

Although we do not offer a fixed meal for children, we do offer a 5-piece Chicken Fillet Nuggets Snack that is popular with both children and adults. Since it is part of our obligation to the community we represent, we do not advertise or sell our food to children.

Why don't you serve your soft drinks in fountain cups like all those easy service restaurants and fast food establishments?

The majority of our customers are take-out customers, and it is common knowledge that the fizz in a fountain drink fades with time, making the experience less enjoyable. It's also a matter of comfort, as cans are much easier to bring home than cups for a takeaway customer. However It is available in all dine in stores.

Isn't it true that you don't have home delivery?

The concept has been implemented. Albaik International delivery services are now available via the In House Delivery System and Certified Third Party Service Providers, according to recent announcements.

Is it true that Albaik International is unable to open franchises because of a variety of factors?

We advise the public not to believe rumours that are not based on facts. Our expansion policy has been established and is being carried out in accordance with a strategic plan that was announced with the signing of the first agreement for Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and a number of other major markets.

What is AQUAT?

AQUATFoods, an Albaik International sister company, is a registered aggregator of Albaik International food requirements. It was founded for food safety and quality. AQUATfoods intends to purchase a total area of 50,000 square metres, making it the region's largest food production facility.

Do you have any positions available for university students and recent graduates?

Albaik International has part-time positions available for university students as well as exciting career opportunities for recent graduates. For more information, please see the Join the Team section of the website or send your CV to

What makes working at Albaik International special, and why would I want to work there?

Albaik International provides a welcoming work environment where we foster a family atmosphere and foster team spirit through recreational activities such as sports and social gatherings. Hard work, talent, and initiative are recognised and rewarded with opportunities for advancement, and career-minded individuals can choose from a variety of accredited training programmes.

Where does Albaik International procure its chicken from?

For your service, the Albaik International Team is always on the lookout for the best sources of chicken with the highest quality standards. Albaik International provides the Halal International specifications and standards of health and quality, as well as its own standards known to both official and non-official parties, after identifying and approving suppliers.

The standards begin with determining the type of chicken used, as well as how it is raised, slaughtered, frozen, and shipped to our facilities. Supplies are not considered officially received from the supplier until all lab tests have been completed, including microbiological, chemical and physical tests. Supplies that do not meet the above requirements are returned to the sender.

What does the name Albaik International mean and why was it given to the company?

In Turkish, it is a title similar to "Sir" that is used to refer to a high-ranking International delegate. This is how we treat each and every one of our customers, and the name reflects our commitment to providing courteous and respectful service.

Is the Albaik International outlet in City Stars in Cairo, Egypt, a genuine Albaik International outlet? What about the South African outlets? What about other names like etc.

Albaik International's trademarks have been infringed upon by all of these individuals, and legal action has been taken against them. Albaik International International is very diligent and strict in protecting its brand and trademarks, as well as taking legal action to stop such scams that not only harm the company's image and reputation, but also pose a health risk.

How can I apply for a job at Albaik International?

You can visit the Join the Team section of the website or send an email to


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