ABI charity delivers sustainable solutions that empower people in need. Our work is underpinned by our core values - honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability


We involve communities in our assessments, allowing us to understand their needs, to help develop them and forge strong relationships.

Life changing support

Our projects focus on emergency relief, food, water, education, orphan care and seasonal aid, such as winter emergency response. We serve some of the most vulnerable people; those affected through no fault of their own by conflict, poverty and natural disasters.

We work deep inside communities to ensure we are serving those most in need. Reaching remote locations, disaster-struck areas and parts of the world facing unimaginable poverty. With the support of 2% of daily sales, sadaqa or voluntary distribution partners, we are dedicated to serving some of the world's most vulnerable and disadvantaged people; those affected by conflict, poverty and natural disasters. Innovation, education and information empower our beneficiaries, donors and stakeholders so they are part of our humanitarian journey. We ensure our beneficiaries are at the heart of our work and that we create positive change in their lives, while being accountable to our success.