ABI was founded on hard work and commitment to the common goal of delivering high-quality chicken and seafood meals to successive generations of loyal customers, delivered quickly and courteously in a safe and welcoming atmosphere, and at the best possible price.

Our Values

Our Core Values
The ABI Culture is built on four key foundations that have always been there. Have faith in yourself. -
At ABI, we strive to be Moral in..

our vision & Mission

Albaik's Global Perspective
Mmmms, What we want to hear from each and every customer when they take their first bite...

Expansion through Licensing

Our vision has evolved from putting Mmmms and WOOOWs on our customers' lips to putting Mmmms and WOOOWs on our customers' lips every time, anywhere, all over the world, and we're looking for potential partners that share our commitment to quality...


Is it because our each delectable morsel of delicacies is juicy, tender and wholesome? Or is it because you enjoy dipping each piece in one of the many rich creamy sauces? Or is it the flavor filled aroma that entices you as you enter the restaurant? And what is it that puts the Mmmm's on your lips as you start to enjoy your favorite ABI Royal feast? This site is dedicated to you, and we want you to share your experiences of ABI sensations and the mood that it puts you in as you indulge in the enjoyment of the mismerizing experiences.